At XCEL Fitness we have something for everyone. From personal training to pilates and Crossfit to Barre you will not be dissapointed. We have a friendly staff, highly qualified trainers and an amazing facility.


At Xcel Fitness, we only allow the best in the industry to train you. That's why our certified Personal Trainers are here, on-site, every day. We want you to be able to extract the most up-to-date, competent help available. Meet with one of them and you'll instantly see why they've been recruited. They are on the cutting-edge of physicality, training, modalities, movements, and power.


Our certified Personal Trainers will help you see results fast. They will help drive you past stubborn plateaus and re-energize you as they personalize your workout. You will be challenged by our professionals—but they will go at your speed and your pace.


The C2X CrossFit affiliate goal is to ensure that no one is left alone on their journey towards better fitness. C2X stands for "Commitment 2 Xcellence", and we push ourselves each and every workout to achieve our very best! We love CrossFit and everything it stands for! The sense of community that drives CrossFit, propels people to new heights, goals, friendships, and ensures that they become a part of something bigger than themselves. You're always welcome in our box!



Group REFORMER PILATES is an upbeat and vigorous workout combining a variety of strengthening and lengthening exercises. The Reformer is a piece of equipment on which the client exercises with a moving carriage, attached to large springs for resistance. You will build core strength, increase flexibility, coordination, improve posture and create long, lean muscles. Recommended by doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and athletic trainers.


This class is designed to get you moving, build heat and find balance. Each class increases strength, length, flexibility and joint range of motion. This challenging and dynamic class is practiced in a heated room and set to upbeat music. Come prepared to move, breathe, sweat, detoxify and build strength. The unique blend of concentration training, deep core strengthening exercise, Sun Salutations, Dynamic Mobility and Static Stretching will leave you feeling energized, clear, focused and strong. All levels welcome.


High intensity cardio workout, mixing kick-boxing with body weight exercises to sculpt, tone and burn away fat!


This class is designed to help our members get introduced to and comfortable with the new equipment installed at Xcel Fitness, with focus on the lifting platforms! If you have been using machine based workouts (chest, shoulders, legs, etc) and are looking to begin a more functional workout program, our certified USA Weightlifting Coach will ensure your safety, results, and fun while learning the lifts! You'll enjoy new found flexibility and performance with the integration of technique and proper programming that will keep you young and ready for life!


Get ready to experience the results that our military personnel enjoy while their drill sergeant runs them through exhausting group and team workouts!  No talking during class, or you will be required to do burpees or push-ups!


XCEL's barre is a total body workout. We incorporate small isometric movements which target specific areas on the body.. Often pushing your muscles to the point of fatigue (aka. shakey legs). Our barre integrates elements of Pilates, cardio, strength training and dance.. however, it does not require previous dance experience. Our barre will lift your buns, tone your thighs and tighten your abdominals.. while creating lean muscle mass.


AntiGravity® Fitness is the original aerial yoga and suspension fitness technique created by Christopher Harrison. After spending over 7 years on the development of the technique and the created of the apparatus, he launched the first classes in 2007 and a new genre was born. Christopher created very specific nomenclature and sequencing that can be done safely and is accessible across age, size, shape, and fitness level. AntiGravity® is recognized by NASM and AFAA as a Preferred Provider and our Teacher Training Certifications earn Continuing Education Credits. The Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock was first developed by Christopher for his performance company, AntiGravity® Entertainment (est. 1991), and is still used in aerial performance today. The Hammock was adapted to a shorter length, bringing it down from 20-60 feet in the air to 9-12 feet and hanging it off two points for fitness purposes, instead of one for performance, to only spin intentionally. 


This is a heated Power Vinyasa class set to great music. Learn to connect breath to movement and thought to action through a specific sequence of breath-synchronized movements. As well as find stillness and balance with extended static holds. The design of this dynamic and vigorous class will stimulate your mind and body and improve strength, flexibility, power and focus. This is an energizing, fun and inspirational class where you will tap into your deepest potential and push the limits of what is possible.

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