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The story of John Madsen is unique and inspiring because he made it against all odds.  Rarely do you hear of someone never playing a down of high school football to playing Tight End in the National Football League. His journey to the NFL and his passion for training lead him to open John Madsen Performance where athletes look to him for help creating their own story.

Although John played little league football for 8 years, he chose to not play football in high school.  His deep love of football was hidden under his feelings of doubt and insecurity. Football was a sport played by the biggest, fastest, and strongest athletes. John was tall, skinny, and weak.

As a Junior in high school John stood 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighed in at 160 lbs. He was the weakest player on his team and knew he needed to change if his dream was ever going to come true.  Going into his senior season a local trainer helped John put on 20 lbs transforming him both physically and 
mentally.  In addition to his new size he could run faster, jump higher, and walk with more confidence. This WAS the turning point in John's life. After his senior year and zero scholarship offers John chose to walk on to the Snow College Football team in Ephraim, Utah.  Although many people doubted that a kid could surpass high school and make it as a college football player, John believed in himself because of the confidence gained through training.  Without it, he would have never tried.

As a sophomore John enrolled at Utah to play under coach Urban Meyer. After a contributing on a successful 10-2 nationally ranked Utah team he was determined to earn a starting job.  As a Junior he started every game at WR on the first ever BCS Busting Fiesta Bowl Utah team which finished in the top 5 nationally.  A great performance in the Fiesta Bowl sent John's stock soaring going into his senior year.  Many publications had him among the top senior wide receivers to come out in the 2006 NFL Draft. His dream of becoming a professional athlete was becoming a reality.

Tragedy struck with three games left in John's NFL Draft-worthy senior year when he broke his leg and missed the remainder of the season. The terrible injury caused him to miss the NFL Combine and any chance of getting drafted. John's only opportunity was to sign with the Oakland Raiders as an un-drafted free agent but a single opportunity was all he needed.

After rehabilitating his injury John made the opening day roster his first year as a Tight End and and went on to play for three seasons with the Raiders, scoring NFL touchdowns, and playing on a team with NFL greats such as Randy Moss and Warren Sapp. Not bad for a guy who didn't catch a single pass in high school.

Against All Odds defines John's journey.  He accomplished his ultimate goal of becoming a professional athlete regardless of the roadblocks and unlikelihood of him doing so. His desire to be a great athlete and his relentless belief in himself made his dream come true. John went from being a 160 pound skinny kid to a 250 pound NFL TE without ever using drugs. The lessons in training, mindset, and life he learned along the way are the lessons he now shares at John Madsen Performance with his athletes.

Since his NFL career ended in 2009 he has worked with several NFL, MLB, and Olympic athletes. Just as important, he has worked with hundreds of high school athletes wanting to reach their full potential. Over 100 athletes who have called John Madsen Performance home have gone on to play their sport in college.  

For the athletes who aren't afraid to try: for the ones who aren't afraid to fail and are willing to get back up and try harder, John is determined to help your hard work pay off like his did.  His passion is strength, size, and power but JMP is much more than that.  It's about desire, belief, and action.

"Every year his athletes leave his training program bigger, faster, stronger, and mentally prepared to take on the challenge of playing sports at the next level."


-Mariah Martin, Athlete USA

"John’s program is based on science, research, and experience. The only thing that matters to John is that his athletes get the best results possible."


-Dani Barton, Athlete USA