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  • Medical costs decrease approximately $3.27 for each dollar a business spent on wellness programs (2013 Aflac Workforces Report)

  • Companies that implemented a wellness program experienced a  

    28% reduction in employees calling in sick (Institute for Healthcare          Consumerism)


  • 87% of employees choose where to work based on benefits offered. 

  • Nothing hurts a company more than constantly trying to train new employees, and keep current ones engaged.

  • It costs roughly 30% - 100% of an employee’s salary to replace that individual. 

  • Camaraderie is an important part of any highly functional workplace. 


  • Each person is different and requires a unique fitness, nutrition, and wellness plan.  

  • We have every type of fitness available under one roof, and help every member achieve their fitness goals.

  • We help motivate and give your employees reasons to actually utilize their wellness program.

We build a community of support, encouragement, and success. No longer are your employees strangers in the office. They now uplift, help, and rejoice in each others achievements.


  • Employees with risk factors for heart disease 228% higher health care costs

  • Employees with psychosocial symptoms 147% higher health care costs

  • Depressed employees 70% higher health care costs

  • Stressed employees 46% higher health care costs

  • Obese employees 21% higher health care costs


  • Fitness center Design/Equipment Purchase Consulting

  • Health Fairs

  • Wellness and Lifestyle Seminars

  • Fitness Classes

  • Fitness and Nutrition Challenges

  • Full or Part-Time Staff

  • Wellness Events

*Onsite services vary greatly based upon size of company, number of employees, frequency and services wanted

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