We have done our best to consider the various questions that may arise during this time, and have tried to provide short/concise answers.  Please review the following, and know that we are here to help and to understand your specific needs.

Frequently asked questions

When are you planning on opening the gym again?

YES! We are open as of May 1st 2020, with some restrictions.

Is Xcel offering any online classes?

YES! We are offering many Virtual Classes through the Zoom app; complete information here: https://www.xcelfitness.com/updates

Will members be required to wear masks?

It is mandated that you must wear a mask upon entering and through the gym. Customers may remove their face covering while engaged in heavy physical activity during which a face covering could adversely affect breathing.

Will I be able to keep my account frozen if I still plan on not coming into the gym?

Yes, you can request this by emailing customerservice@xcelfitness.com

How do I unfreeze my account if I want to come back into the gym?

Simple! Please come back to Xcel, and we can reinstate your membership at the check-in.

Will Kid's Club be open?

We currently do not have a specific date for Kids Club reopening. We are working closely with state and local officials for direction, and have this as a high priority.

How will I know when the gym is opening back up again?

We are OPEN!

Why did my bill date change?

Based on the Freeze and Unfreeze of your account, the billing date may have changed. Please contact customerservice@xcelfitness.com for specific concerns.

How are you keeping me safe if I come into the gym?

We are following all Local and State mandates. You can learn more at: https://slco.org/health/COVID-19/

How are you going to enforce physical distancing?

We have limited access to equipment, classes and floor space so this should not even be a concern. We are also requiring all members to agree to new regulations that require adherence to the physical distance standards.

Are your hours the same?

We have modified hours as follows: Temporary new closing times: 9pm Monday – Friday, and 4pm on Saturday. Open at 4:30am Monday – Friday, 6:00am Saturday, and 8:00am – 2:00pm on Sunday.

Will classes be available?

YES! We still have many virtual classes available for members to do from home, and will quickly be adding additional classes at Xcel starting May 4th. Please view our online schedule or the Xcel Fitness app. For specific questions, please email contactus@xcelfitness.com

When will my next billing be charged?

You should expect to see this on your regular bill date. For specific concerns, please email contactus@xcelfintess.com

I missed a Virtual Class, and want to get the recording. How do I do that?

Simple! Please email contactus@xcelfitness.com, and reference the Class, Day, and Time, and we will send you the link to watch.

Are you renting any equipment out?


Why is it better to freeze and pay $15 per month vs cancelling now then resigning up after this is over?

For those that cancel, and then rejoin, they will be required to pay the Initiation Fee of $40. Further, for cancellations, we do require a 30-day notice, which may result in another billing cycle.

I Paid-in-Full for my membership, can I freeze it?

Freezing of Paid-in-Full memberships is not available for the short term that we anticipate to be closed. In the event of a 30-Day closure, or more, we will credit each Paid-in-Full membership a 30-day extension for a $15 charge.

If I have a doctor’s note, do I still have to pay the freeze fee?

Yes, this has been a long-standing policy of the gym. If you have special considerations, we certainly want to be understanding. For special considerations, please email contactus@xcelfitness.com.

Due to the circumstances with the virus, can I place my membership on an open-ended freeze?

Our current policy allows a 6-month maximum freezing of your membership. We anticipate this temporary closure will be quickly resolved.

Can I cancel my membership so I don’t have to pay the $15 freeze fee?

Members are encouraged to be patient as we work through this challenging time. However, for those that are desiring to cancel, please email customerservice@xcelfitness.com. Please provide Name, Member #, Phone, and address in your email request. We will then provide a cancellation form, that MUST be signed and returned to customerservice@xcelfitness.com, in order to process your cancellation. For those that cancel, and then rejoin, they will be required to pay the Initiation Fee of $40. Further, for cancellations, we do require a 30-day notice, which may result in another billing cycle.

I just was billed for my monthly membership but want to freeze instead, can I get a refund since I didn’t use the gym?

Unfortunately, No. We will honor the “freeze” status on the next billing cycle in the event that the gym is still closed, and prorate for days not used.

For further clarification or answers, please email contactus@xcelfitness.com.  Due to the sudden facility closure, we ask for your patience as we are working diligently to respond to your specific need.  Our response time should be within 2-5 business days. 


We appreciate your patience and support of YOUR GYM during this time!

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